Nasi Impit

Nasi Impit or better known as Ketupat tradionally has their unique taste even though its just plain rice.  Nasi Impit can be served with sayur lodeh (Lontong gravy), soto ayam, rendang or dip with kuah satay (peanut sauce).

I bought Instant Ketupat Rice from grocery shop and just follow the instructions. Inside the pouch have two pouches stuff with uncooked rice.  Just boil it the hot water with the lid closed.  I cooked the rice for 1  1/2 hour in the presure cooker in slow fire. Once done, remove the pouches from the stove and let it cool at least 3 hour before serve. Cut pressed rice cake into cubes to serve.

This recipe i tap from a cook book. Its very simple method.

What you need:

2 cups rice washed and drained

1 liter water

2 screwpine leaves


1 tsp lime juice

How to prepare :

Cook rice with salt, and screwpine leaves in a cooker. Once done mashed with wooden spoon. Transfer it to the rectangular dish. Spread it evenly. Cover it and place any heavy pan on top of it to compress. Keep in fridge for overnight and cut into cubes before serve.

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  1. [...] Traditional Nasi impit or compressed rice cakes prepared rice stuffed in palm leaves, cooked long hours and need to cool down completely before serve. Almost a day to prepare it. It can be serve with rendang, soto ayam, kuah satay (Satay  peanut gravy) or sayur lodeh.  Nowadays instant pre-packets rice cubes available in any grocery shops makes our life easier.  There’s few brands selling this instant rice cubes in market.  Please click here to get the recipe Nasi Impit. [...]