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Living in Malaysia, with multicultural society not only giving us opportunity to learn and respect each other but also to share different kind of cuisines as well.  Lontong which consist of Nasi impit (rice cake) with creamy coconut soup very popular dish especially  during Malays festive seasons.   Lontong not to say hard to prepare. Just need long hours for preparation and cooking. Its one of my favorite after Nasi Lemak. The taste will be awesome if added with sambal and serunding.

Traditional Nasi impit or compressed rice cakes prepared rice stuffed in palm leaves, cooked long hours and need to cool down completely before serve. Almost a day to prepare it. It can be serve with rendang, soto ayam, kuah satay (Satay  peanut gravy) or sayur lodeh.  Nowadays instant pre-packets rice cubes available in any grocery shops makes our life easier.  There's few brands selling this instant rice cubes in market.  Please click here to get the recipe Nasi Impit.

Sayur Lodeh (Lontong Gravy) , particularly consist of various vegetables, season with spices and shrimp paste cooked in creamy coconut milk. This is the main course. Without this there's no Lontong.

Sambal tumis or any sambal will do for Lontong to give extra spiciness. I prefer sambal ikan bilis (anchovies with sambal gravy). Its heaven when combine with creamy coconut soup. Nobody can deny on that.

Sometimes serunding served as well as accompaniment for Lontong. Here i boiled some eggs too. Its really yummy. Normally Lontong served as breakfast, but i did it for lunch.

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